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Sam is a father of three, husband, Company Director, Board Member and an NMAS Nationally Accredited Mediator. 

He is the director of Dispute Resolution Victoria and founder/manager of South East Mediation.

The effective use of mediation saves disputing parties time, money, preserves confidentiality and reduces stress. It also affords the disputing parties the best chance of preserving their continuing business, family and interpersonal relationships - often damaged irreparably by adversarial litigation through the public courts.  

For all civil and commercial mediation or dispute resolution matters use an NMAS Accredited Mediator

For more information on mediating your civil or commercial dispute, please contact Dispute Resolution Victoria on 1300 275 825 or South East Mediation on 1300 825 825.


Sammy Bektas B.Ec. LL.B. (Monash); LL.M. (Applied Law) Dual Majors in Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation

Award Recipient, Certificate of High Achievement, The College of Law

NMAS Nationally Accredited Mediator 

Mediator Standards Board registered  #103-5972

Member, ADRA Australian Dispute Resolution Association 

Non-Practising Affiliate Member, Law Institute of Victoria 

Silver Member, Master Builders Victoria

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